I love stamping because...

by - Sunday, August 06, 2017

As a Stamper, I follow several blogs and have several favorites due to similarities in stamping or blogging styles.  One blogger that I adore is Susan Itell of simplestampin.com.  Earlier this month, Susan answered some questions from her followers including "I love stamping because..." (see My answers)

Reasons why I love stamping... by Susan Itell

I felt that she answered the question for me!  I was like "ditto, ditto, ditto" to every response.  There are a few I would add and I'm sure Susan would agree if she were to read this blog post...

Stamping helps me create smiles for others - one card at a time.  Stamping allows me to help brighten someone's day.  Stamping helps me inspire others.  Stamping helps me be awesomely artistic! 

Why do you like stamping?

-Angie xx

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