Better Late Than Never...

by - Monday, February 13, 2017

Better late than never is my motto for this year... for mailing birthday, anniversary or whatever special day it is or was cards.  After all, who doesn't like Happy Mail?!?!  Nothing like having a bounce in your step after seeing that you received mail that is NOT bulk mail, business mail or bills.

Well, last night, I checked January birthday cards off of my "to do" list.  A tad late, you might think?  Nope.  I finally got around to filling out my trusty ol' weekly planner with important dates and realized that I had MORE cards to make than I had previously made.  It actually took a mishap with my trusty ol' cell phone last week to realize how lost I was without it for just a few hours.  So yes, I double calendar now like I did when I worked as a paralegal.  Computer calendars are great, but you still should have a paper back up so you do not miss anything important like the special days celebrating friends and family.

So now you know that if you do NOT receive a handmade card from me within a month or so in 2017 it is not because I do not love you...  it's because I do not have it on my calendar!  Social media is great, but nothing beats happy, snail mail!

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